Integracon Technologies - Computer Support Knoxville TN
  • When technology headaches hit…

    One Call Computer Support

    Haywire computers keep you from your business and grind profits to a halt. With one call, you turn your technology headaches over to us.

  • We've got certifications—tons of them

    Common Sense Consulting

    Our consultants approach customer problems as if your business were their own. We look at the short term and long term expenses and try not to make stupid technical decisions.

  • We all wish life had a rewind button…

    Disaster Rewind

    We can’t help with everything, but we can help with your technology. With Disaster Rewind, we implement a semi-custom solution to protect you from losing your business.

  • Business is stressful…

    SleepatNight Security

    The last thing that should keep you awake is your network security. Worrying about your network is our business. Our security practice provides you the best defenses available to protect against a litany of daily threats to enterprise networks.

  • From security to networking…

    Eagle Eye Audit

    Our auditing provides real time reporting on vulnerabilities of your network. We track packets, and we like it. With this data we can make strategic decisions about cost saving and disaster avoiding improvements to your infrastructure.

Computer Networking Solutions and Support

At Integracon Technologies, we understand that every business has different technology consulting needs. Having the right computer support in place is often mission-critical. Regardless of the size of your business, we have the skills to craft a computer networking and IT support strategy that provides you with the perfect level of service.

Networking Solutions Oak Ridge, TN

Integracon Technologies makes it easy to select the best wireless networking and tech support solutions for all your networking and computer service business needs. We have become one of the most trusted and established computer tech and networking providers around. Some of our managed solutions include networking, data backup and enhanced Internet security.

Voice and Data Cabling Services

Many clients count on us as a leading provider of their network cabling and installation for data, video, voice and wireless solutions. We have the expertise to effectively supply infrastructure engineering along with ongoing management to ensure your equipment is always operational.

Computer Repair Knoxville, TN

Through our proven and trusted technical solutions, we provide a personalized computer troubleshooting service. If you are seeking reliability and the highest quality from certified technical experts, talk with our team today. Additionally, we are a data recovery Knoxville provider that can assist you through backup and disaster recovery events.

Professional Virtualization Consultant

As businesses grow, there is often a need for employees and associates to have a secure, reliable and fast way of sharing information across their computer networks. A VPN, or virtual private network, allows for such remote connections in a secure manner. Integracon has the experience to implement your remote user needs and help build your productivity.